Why you should learn Python in 2015?

Yesterday I saw a question on Quora - Is Python worth it to learn as a programming language?. I answered the question on quora and decided to write a blog post on Importance of learning Python in 2015.

Happy New Year 2015.

Python is the golden fish in the Programming languages world. It is being used everywhere from Scientific and Numeric to Web Programming. MIT - One of the Top universities in the world uses Python in its Introduction to Computer Science Course. It is being used by Biggest names in the industry like Google, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Redhat etc.

You have a number of options after learning this powerful Programming language. It is easy to learn and code. The open source community behind Python is really awesome and working collectively to improve it. Without any further writing I will show you the importance of this language in the images below -


Use Python for






Python is a great skill that will surely pay off in 2015. It's clean syntax gives you Super powers.


So go ahead and dive in the world of Python full of learning and Adventures.
Best learning Resource - 6.00.1x introduction to computer science from MIT.


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