Parbhat Puri

I'm a Software Developer with an emphasis on performance, best practices and testing in order to create better applications. My experience primarily lies with the Python Programming language, Django (a Python web framework) as well as a wide range of other tools.

Remote work culture in companies helps me to work with the engineering teams across the globe like USA, Europe etc. By working with various teams, I learned clear communication and documentation are as important as the code itself. Therefore I always maintain clear communication with team members on my projects. I love to develop things for the web. I have worked on a range of web applications for startups, government, charities and high traffic sites.

I like to involve in everything from the overall direction of a project, to design, user experience, and the actual implementation. I enjoy working on open source projects as it helps to give back to the community. I’m passionate about crafting great user experiences. And this influences all of my decisions as I work on a project.